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Choosing the right defense strategy when fighting a DUI

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Facing charges of drunk driving is a threat to your future. One second you were driving home from dinner or coming home from a friend’s home, and the next you found yourself under arrest. There is a lot on the line, including your driving privileges and your personal freedom.

Whether it is your first offense or you have previous drunk-driving offenses on your record, it is in your interests to defend yourself against these charges. There are various defense strategies that can help you fight back and protect your future. An evaluation of your case can determine the most appropriate strategy for your situation and which one will give you the best chance of successfully confronting DUI charges.

Which defense strategy is right for you?

Every DUI case is different, which means you should custom-tailor your DUI defense strategy to your needs and objectives. The details of your case and the issues that are pertinent will determine the best approach. When there are problems with the following aspects of your DUI, you can use these things to undermine the prosecution’s case against you:

  • Field sobriety test – There are certain tests police use to determine if a chemical test is necessary. There are specific tests they are to use, and they must administer them appropriately.
  • Breathalyzer – When police do not use a Breathalyzer device properly, it can lead to inaccurate results. This can also happen when they do not calibrate it or maintain it regularly.
  • Blood test – In cases where police took a blood sample, there are strict protocols regarding the chain of custody of the sample. Improper handling can affect and invalidate results.
  • Police procedures – Law enforcement must follow certain protocols at every step when dealing with a suspected drunk driver. When police do things improperly, it can violate the rights of the defendant.

If you believe there are problems with the case against you or other factors that impact your case, you can use this as part of your DUI defense strategy. You do not have to face these charges alone, or assume that a guilty plea or conviction is your only option.

A careful assessment of your case can help you see what strategy is most appropriate for your situation. You can start developing your defense strategy as soon as possible after an arrest by reaching out to an experienced Illinois attorney