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A Lot Is On The Line With Assault Or Battery Charges

In Illinois, assault and battery are separate criminal charges. Assault is defined as conduct that places the victim in reasonable fear of being imminently harmed. Battery is any type of unwanted contact, whether or not it causes injury. Both are serious offenses. And both are often construed as violent offenses in the eyes of the public.

Aggravated assault and battery are even more serious. These charges, which are often felonies, may involve weapons such as guns or knives. Or they may involve certain aggravating factors such as:

  • Inflicting great bodily harm
  • Strangling the victim
  • Concealing your identity with a mask or hood
  • Committing the assault or battery in a public place
  • Committing the assault or battery against a certain class of victim

If you’re facing any type of assault or battery charge — whether simple, aggravated or domestic — you shouldn’t attempt to fight it on your own. Your freedom may be on the line. Even with misdemeanor offenses, a conviction can damage your reputation and create a criminal record that follows you for a lifetime. Your opportunities for jobs, housing and education — not to mention your ability to legally carry a firearm — can all be imperiled.

Exploring Every Avenue To Challenge The Charges

Fortunately, there are ways to challenge the prosecution. We can help you pursue a strong defensive strategy. Our attorney, John R. Kopp, prosecuted cases like these for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office before becoming a defense lawyer. As a result, he understands the numerous angles for fighting the charges. He can identify any violations of your rights, challenge the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses, leverage weaknesses in the state’s case and pursue other avenues for making a compelling case on your behalf.

For example, perhaps you were acting in self-defense (or defense of others). Maybe you were provoked. Perhaps the alleged victim is lying or exaggerating. By conducting a thorough investigation, we can ensure that your side of the story doesn’t go unheard.

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