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Facing Criminal DUI Charges? Here’s What You Should Know.

In the state of Illinois, a DUI is regarded as a serious offense that can bring about severe penalties, including fines and prison time. The penalties you may end up facing depend not only on your blood alcohol content (BAC) or number of previous convictions but also on the specific type of DUI committed. Our attorney, John R. Kopp, can help you determine the charge you are facing and will fight to build you a strong case.

Understanding The Different Ways You Can Be Charged With A DUI

In general, a BAC above .08 percent alone is enough to get you charged with a DUI. If you refuse to blow into a breathalyzer, your driver’s license will be suspended for 12 months. That being said, there are other factors that can worsen your DUI charge, resulting in more severe penalties. Below are some examples of various DUI charges:

  • Aggravated DUI: A felony offense, this charge involves certain aggravating factors such as having children under 16 in the vehicle with you, driving without insurance or driving without a valid license.
  • Underage DUI/Zero Tolerance Suspension: This can result in a license suspension for three or more months, in addition to other significant consequences. A BAC above 0.0 percent alone is enough to charge you if you are under 21.
  • Drug DUI: Because certain substances cause mental disorientation and impaired judgment, it is illegal to drive with those drugs present in your system, including medical prescriptions that cause drowsiness.

Regardless of the type of charge, all DUIs can lead to the suspension of your license, the possibility of having your vehicle confiscated, and mandatory courses on alcohol education and treatment. Even if you believe the state has a strong case, there is still room for our attorney to conduct further investigation, such as cross-examining the police officer who pulled you over.

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