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Compensation For Family Members After Fatal Accidents

In Illinois, the personal representative (executor) is responsible for bringing a wrongful death claim on behalf of the estate after an accidental death. Those who may receive compensation in case of a successful claim include a spouse and others who were dependent on the person – usually their children – before the fatality.

If your close family member or someone whose estate you will handle died in a car crash, a fall injury or a willful act of violence, we urge you to contact us at Kopp Law. Attorney John Kopp, a skilled litigator and investigator, will evaluate your case and let you know if you can or must bring a wrongful death claim.

Some Things To Know About Wrongful Death Claims In Illinois

Common causes of accidental deaths include:

Intentional violent acts may also lead to wrongful death claims. The statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim is normally within:

  • Two years after the death of someone who was fatally injured in an accident involving someone’s negligence
  • Five years after an act of willful violence, such as a shooting, fight or homicide

If there is a criminal case after a homicide, a wrongful death claim may be brought within a year of a guilty verdict.

If you are awarded a verdict or settlement in a wrongful death case, it may include compensation for:

  • The financial contributions that the deceased will no longer be able to provide
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of training and care of minor children
  • Grief and mental anguish

If your loved one lived a while after an accident or act of violence, the executor of their estate may also be able to bring a personal injury claim covering that period of time to account for medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

To ensure that you do not miss your window of opportunity to bring a wrongful death claim, consult with a personal injury lawyer. At Kopp Law, we will help you understand your rights and obligations after an accidental death or a fatality involving willful violence.

Turn To A Trusted Litigator To Evaluate Your Potential Wrongful Death Case

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