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Offering a safe way for friends to get home

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | DUI Defense | 0 comments

While not everyone gets to enjoy a break for the summer, it is often the time when many people have outdoor parties and barbecues. The days are longer, and the nights cool off just enough to enjoy staying outside with friends and family.

If you are hosting a party and offering (or allowing) alcoholic beverages, you may want to help your loved ones avoid getting in trouble on their way home.

Here are some ways you can help your guests avoid a DUI after your summer party.

Coordinate sober rides

Talk to the people attending your party ahead of time about their plans for getting home afterward. Ask your friends if they would be willing to shuttle some of the other guests home if they have too much to drink.

Often people do not want to try to coordinate picking up their vehicle the next day, so they may risk driving home. Another option is to coordinate carpools to and from the party with guests who plan to remain sober.

Help friends make better choices

After enjoying your party for several hours, your guests may not be aware of their intoxication level. Try to keep an eye out for people who have had several drinks and should not drive themselves.

If you notice a party guest who has had too much to drink, try to help them coordinate a safer way home. Your guest may need to call a friend or a ridesharing service.

DUI charges can have serious consequences. You can help your friends and other party guests avoid driver’s license suspension, fines and other consequences by assisting them in finding an alternative way home after a party.