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Mental health problems and drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2020 | DUI Defense | 0 comments

In recent years, an increasing number of Americans are finding that life is very difficult. From economic concerns to problems with loved ones, there are a multitude of reasons why people lose hope or struggle with serious mental challenges such as anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, those facing significant mental health crises often suffer in other ways as a result of what they are working through. For example, some turn to alcohol or prescription medication in an attempt to self-medicate. However, this can lead to additional hurdles, such as DUI charges.

We know that for someone who is struggling with depression or another serious emotional crisis, drunk driving charges make things far worse. As if people in this position do not feel hopeless enough, some people feel like these charges are the last straw. However, it is imperative for those facing DUI charges while simultaneously dealing with mental health issues and strong emotions to review their legal options and take steps to protect their future. Our law firm has seen the financial and emotional toll of unfavorable drunk driving case outcomes and we know how pivotal it is to approach these cases correctly.

Hopelessness can get in the way of one’s approach to their case. In fact, there are often details surrounding a DUI case that impact the outcome, if they are identified and brought to the attention of the court. Please visit our page on drunk driving charges if you are in this position and would like to read more about some of the options that are likely available to you.