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What are requirements to reinstate a driving license?

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Having your driving license revoked as a result of a DUI does not have to be the end of your driving privileges. Illinois law provides a way for a driver who has reformed his or her driving practices to reclaim a license to drive, provided certain requirements are met. While the situations of people will differ, this is a basic look at what someone seeking to regain driving privileges can expect. 

The Illinois Secretary of State explains that before going to a hearing to reinstate your license, you should ask an informal hearing officer to consult with you about your eligibility to receive your license back. This review will help you to understand if you meet all necessary requirements under law to be eligible to receive your license back before you attend an actual hearing. 

To get back your driving license, the state wants to know that you have changed your driving practices and will be a much safer driver if you are allowed behind the wheel again. To that end, you will have to produce evidence of making an effort to become a safer motorist, such as attending traffic safety classes. The state also has requirements to meet if you lost your license due to a DUI. 

There are other court requirements to be mindful of while seeking to reclaim your driving privileges. An Order of Revocation will give a projected date when you are eligible to try to get your license reinstated. You will have to wait for that date before applying for reinstatement. Also, you may be ineligible to get your license back if you have a traffic ticket pending before a court. 

While not everyone will qualify for license reinstatement, it does not mean you have no recourse to reclaim some driving privileges. If you need to drive for specific purposes, such as to attend college courses or to go to work, if you qualify, you can apply for a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP). In addition to proving you can be a safer driver and that you have no pending tickets, you must show that undue hardship exists if you are not allowed to drive. 

Reinstating a license may be hard work, and requirements will often vary from person to person. For this reason, consulting with an experienced attorney may help clear up questions about how to best reclaim driving privileges in Illinois. Keep in mind that this article does not offer legal advice, only general information on reinstating driving privileges.