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What happens after domestic violence charges?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Domestic Abuse | 0 comments

Whether there was an argument that got out of hand or a misunderstood situation, domestic violence charges can leave you feeling vulnerable. You may have a lot on the line in a case where it feels like your word against theirs.

Part of what makes domestic violence charges stressful is not knowing what will happen next. You may have a friend who went through a similar situation. Now, you wonder if you will face the same frustrations or if your circumstances are different.

Here’s what you should know about what happens after being charged with domestic violence.

There may be an order for protection

After a domestic violence accusation, prosecutors will often ask for an order for protection. Regardless of the circumstances, an order for protection gives both parties time to cool off and consider how they want to proceed with the charges.

Initially, an order for protection is temporary, but courts will consider extending the order for protection in some cases. It is important to note that violating the conditions of an order for protection could create additional charges.

Logistical complications

In the days and weeks after a domestic violence charge, there could be situations where you and the alleged victim need to interact. If there is an order for protection in place, you must handle this carefully.

You should not try to resolve situations like retrieving your belongings from a shared living space or discussing child custody on your own. Doing this could result in a violation of the order for protection.

Instead, you should talk to an experienced professional about your circumstances so you can resolve the issue and avoid more charges against you.