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Remember that the police do not have to be honest with you

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Criminal defense | 0 comments

The police may expect you to be honest with them, but this does not work both ways. No matter how honest they appear to be, always remember that they are allowed to lie to you.

Why would they do so? The most common reason is that they’re trying to get a confession. They are trying to make you admit to something you did or even something you never did. If you make such an admission based on a lie, it still counts, and the police have not violated your rights by being less than honest with you.

They may lie about what evidence they have

These types of lies can take many forms, but it often happens when the police invent evidence and then claim they have it. They believe that you will confess if you think you will be caught, and they attempt to use that as leverage.

For example, they may tell you that they have video footage of you committing the crime. They do not have this footage, but they think you will admit that you did it if you believe they already saw you do it. They can then reveal that they never had the footage, but you have already confessed to the crime.

In Illinois, age is an exception

So far, Illinois is one of two states (Oregon is the other) that have passed laws making it illegal for police to lie to minors to try to get a confession. Other states are considering similar legislation, potentially including banning lying to anyone under interrogation regardless of age.

Often, police will tell you that they “just want to talk.” These conversations can lead down a path that gets you into trouble. It is essential to talk to an experienced professional and have an advocate present.