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Could a traffic ticket affect my CDL?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Traffic Tickets | 0 comments

While the hours can get long, commercial driving can be a great way to make a living, especially if you like driving. For many, life on the road helps them afford the life they enjoy.

An essential part of commercial driving is maintaining and keeping your commercial license. If you face suspension or revocation of your CDL, it could have a significant impact on your livelihood.

These are some of the times a misdemeanor could impact your ability to drive commercial vehicles.

Safety is essential

Most of the time, commercial vehicles are very large and could do significant damage in an accident. Since large vehicles have such a substantial impact on the safety of other drivers, safety officers tend to watch for speeding and other potential safety violations.

When you drive a large vehicle, it is essential to pay attention to behavior that could be perceived as unsafe. An action that would seem insignificant in your personal vehicle could make you a target for a serious safety violation in your commercial rig.

Your personal vehicle counts, too

Although you may spend a lot of time driving your commercial vehicle, it is probably not your only mode of transportation. You may not attract the same attention in your personal car or truck, but a traffic violation in your vehicle can impact your CDL.

In most cases, minor traffic offenses will not cause you to lose your commercial driver’s license. However, if the violation would cause you to lose your CDL in a commercial vehicle, it could impact your CDL even if you are driving your personal vehicle.