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What is the Drug Court Treatment Act?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2020 | Criminal defense | 0 comments

The way the criminal justice system handles drug offenses is changing. In fact, there have been many changes already in the system to make a shift from punishment to treatment. Recognizing that drug crimes are often a result of addiction issues allows the court to make decisions that are better for you than they were in the past. 

The Illinois General Assembly explains the Drug Court Treatment Act enables the system to create a drug court where you will go for drug-related charges. This court differs from a traditional criminal court in that it allows you to forego charges on your record if you meet certain requirements and undergo treatment under supervision. 

The purpose 

Legislatures determined there was a need for a special drug court because of the high numbers of drug offenses in the court system. If everyone facing a charge would go into a detention center, it would lead to serious overcrowded and stress on the system’s resources. Having a drug court that allows for alternative solutions can help ease the stress on the system and help to prevent reoffending. 

The benefits 

For you, a drug court has many benefits. Instead of facing a sentence in jail or prison, you can follow the directions of the court. In addition, if you complete your sentence, you will not even have a charge on your record. Furthermore, the whole idea of drug court is to help you through your drug addiction issues. You will get help to overcome any problems you have and to learn to move forward without drugs in your life.