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Police issuing tickets to school zone drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Traffic Tickets | 0 comments

Law enforcement agencies and government personnel in Illinois are reminding people to drive safely in school zones and around school buses. They are also asking drivers and others to make reports to law enforcement when they see dangerous driving in these areas. Community members should be on the lookout for drivers who are using their cellphones or speeding, according to the deputy chief of the Algonquin Police Department.

A good report might include the specific times of day and locations of the dangerous driving so that police can know where to increase patrols. If a community member has a description of the offending vehicle or vehicles, that can be helpful too. The deputy police chief said that it can sometimes be hard for law enforcement to effectively respond to vague information. He added that callers can remain anonymous if they so choose.

When community members report that drivers are speeding in school zones or passing school buses that are stopped, the police will work to put an officer there as soon as they can. Those who are not paying attention around school buses or speeding in a school zone will be issued traffic tickets by police. The penalty for a first offense passing a stopped school bus may be as much as a three-month driver’s license suspension and a fine of $150. Those who are convicted twice within a five-year period could lose their licenses for a year and be fined $500.

People who are issued traffic tickets in Illinois might want to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer may help by examining the facts of the case and challenging the narrative advanced by police or prosecutors. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser violation or a reduced penalty.