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Illinois drivers and the effects of speed traps

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Traffic Tickets | 0 comments

In Illinois and across the country, speed continues to be a leading cause of accidents. According to the Illinois State Police, it also plays a huge role in motor vehicle injuries. Approximately 40% of those involved in a speed-related accident will sustain some form of injury.

To reduce the number of accidents, police in many areas have been implementing events such as Speed Awareness Day. During these events, police come out in force, issuing more traffic tickets and making more arrests than they would on normal occasions. Officers may especially target certain areas such as interstate highways or streets with few if any stop signs, particularly if they know that drivers have a tendency to speed there.

More officers out in force naturally means they are writing tickets for other offenses aside from speeding. As a result, drivers may find themselves being written up for not wearing a seat belt, operating while distracted, or a number of other infractions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Traffic tickets are expensive, and can negatively affect one’s driving record. Drivers may pay hundreds of dollars in fines and may even have their license suspended or revoked as a result of too many tickets. This can cause even more hardships by making it harder for people to go to work or conduct their day-to-day affairs.

Those in danger of losing their license may want to seek advice from an attorney. An experienced criminal lawyer might advise people as to the best actions to take to prevent a suspension and keep fines down to a minimum. Challenging the ticket in court may be another option for those who believe they have received a ticket unfairly.