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Man charged with felony eluding after high-speed chase

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Traffic Tickets | 0 comments

A 20-year-old Illinois man faces a raft of charges including a felony count after allegedly attempting to elude police officers on the night of March 7. The Montgomery Police Department says that the man fled the scene at speeds in excess of 100 mph when officers pulled his vehicle over for speeding at the intersection of Reading Drive and Goodwin Drive at approximately 11:00 p.m.

According to the police report, the man pulled his vehicle over as instructed but then pulled away, ran a red light and headed toward central Aurora at a high rate of speed. Officers say that they abandoned the pursuit shortly after it started because the man’s recklessness posed a serious threat to the safety of other road users.

Before ending the chase, MPD officers gave a description of the man’s vehicle to neighboring law enforcement agencies. Media reports indicate that the man was taken into custody after being pulled over for a second time by Aurora Police Department officers. He was taken to the Kendall County Jail for processing. He has been charged with felony fleeing and eluding, misdemeanor speeding and reckless driving and cited for driving without valid insurance and disobeying a traffic signal.

Attempts to elude the police are rarely successful and usually lead to additional charges and more severe penalties. Experienced attorneys may advise their clients to cooperate with police but make no admissions or statements before obtaining legal advice. Attorneys may seek to have traffic tickets dismissed if the police officers who issued them did not complete the paperwork properly, and they could challenge the validity of speeding tickets when the equipment used has not been adequately maintained or police employed questionable tactics like pacing.

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