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Concerned citizen call leads to DUI traffic stop

A 25-year-old Illinois man was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after a 911 call from a concerned motorist led to a traffic stop. The Leland resident has also been charged with carrying a concealed gun while intoxicated and cited for failing to maintain a single lane according to the Kane County Sheriff's Office.

Traffic stop leads to felony DUI charges

A 24-year-old Illinois woman is facing a raft of felony counts after being pulled over for speeding in Cook County during the early morning hours of Sept. 6. Police officers who stopped the woman's car on First Avenue in Riverside after allegedly observing it traveling at 67 mph in an area with a posted speed limit of 40 mph say she presented them with a fraudulently obtained driver's license and gave them a false name.

Driver taken into custody on his fifth DUI charge

Authorities in Illinois say that a 58-year-old Chicago resident was taken into custody on two charges of aggravated DUI. He was also charged with driving while his license was suspended. Police say that the man was observed driving on Route 53 in Crest Hill on June 27 while under the influence of alcohol.

DUIs are down in some Illinois communities

DUI totals in the Illinois Valley have gone down in 11 of the past 13 years. Overall, the number of DUIs has dropped by roughly 50% over the past 15 years. In Bureau County, the number of people taken into custody for drunk or impaired driving dropped by one-third in 2019. This could be attributed to many factors such as an inability to afford the cost of a DUI in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. For some, it may be tough to justify the cost of drinking alcohol at a bar.

Attorney, others argue not all breath tests are accurate

People in Illinois who are on a low-carb diet that has put them into ketosis or who suffer from such conditions as acid reflux or diabetes could cause some types of breath tests for blood alcohol content to give inaccurate results. In Texas, an attorney got DUI charges dropped against a man who was in ketosis but who did not appear to be drunk during field sobriety tests. However, when he took a breath test, the device registered his blood alcohol content above the legal limit.

Man taken into custody for 10th DUI

On April 13, Illinois police took a 55-year-old man into custody on his 10th drunk driving charge. Authorities say that he was driving a Hyundai southbound on Interstate 55 near milepost 261 when they conducted a traffic stop. While the complaint against him says that his blood alcohol content was above .08 percent, the exact amount was not disclosed.

Common questions about BAC tests

While the Breathalyzer test is among the most common way to determine an Illinois driver's blood alcohol content, there are other methods available. For instance, a police officer could measure it through hair follicle or urine testing. It is also possible to do so through saliva and blood. Generally speaking, blood draws are done if an individual refuses to consent to a Breathalyzer test. It can also be conducted after an accident.

Illinois steps up seat belt and DUI enforcement for holidays

Close to 200 local police and sheriff's departments throughout Illinois will increase their traffic enforcement operations from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. With the support of federal highway safety dollars, the Illinois Department of Transportation has coordinated the activities of the state police and local law enforcement agencies to increase traffic patrols, write tickets for seat belt violations and arrest intoxicated drivers.

When does DUI rise to a felony in Illinois?

Not all DUI charges are the same in their stakes here in Illinois. Some can cause a person to face especially severe potential consequences. Among these are charges of aggravated DUI. Aggravated DUI covers DUI offenses that fall into the felony, rather than misdemeanor, level. A conviction on felony DUI charges can expose a person to long prison sentences and significant fines.

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