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August 2019 Archives

Police issuing tickets to school zone drivers

Law enforcement agencies and government personnel in Illinois are reminding people to drive safely in school zones and around school buses. They are also asking drivers and others to make reports to law enforcement when they see dangerous driving in these areas. Community members should be on the lookout for drivers who are using their cellphones or speeding, according to the deputy chief of the Algonquin Police Department.

Illinois police praise Speed Awareness Day efforts

It's safe to say that most Illinois motorists hate to receive a speeding ticket. However, local and state law enforcement agencies frequently plan new ticketing campaigns that aim to further crack down on speeding and other traffic violations. On July 24, 2019, the Illinois Speed Awareness Day campaign was launched by the Illinois State Police with the stated goal of increasing awareness about the dangers of excessive speed and the importance of safe driving.

Felony arrest may result in asset forfeiture

The consequences of a conviction for drug offenses can be quite severe. While many states are decriminalizing the possession of marijuana in small amounts, the penalties for other drug crimes, such as trafficking or distribution, often include extended time behind bars and substantial fines. The severity of the penalties may depend on many things, such as the amount and kind of drug in question and whether state or federal authorities are prosecuting the case.

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